Update #1

Welcome to the website for the Calwell Slipway Remediation Project.  Currently ranked number 2 on The Ministry for the Environments (MfE) Contaminated Sites Remediation Fund Priority list the Calwell Slipway has the unenviable position of being one of New Zealand’s most contaminated sites.  In 2010 PNL and MfE established a project with the objective of remediating this contaminated site.  Since its inception the key tasks completed to date have been assessing the scale, concentration and depth of the contamination, establishing and assessing the viability of a preferred remediation option, consulting with the project stakeholders, and gaining resource consents for the project.  Most recently the procurement of specialist contractors to undertake the site works for this remediation was completed and we are delighted to welcome Heron Construction Company as the successful contractor to the project team.

Currently we are in the final stages of preparation to begin site works, and site establishment will begin early in October.  The pre-dredge hydrographic survey has been completed. The dredge and construction program is scheduled to take approximately six months and the project is due for completion in March 2018.

There will be a changed access notice for Kingsford Quay East and changed work area on the Calwell Slipway issued in mid-September.

If you have any questions on the project please email them through to kelly.leonard@portnelson.co.nz.