Update #2

Heron have arrived onsite and begun their site establishment.  Some of their plant and equipment for this project was already here, and has been laying up at the Calwell Slipway.  The remaining mobile and land based equipment needed for this project will arrive over the next few weeks. This includes a brand new pugmill which is the batching plant where the mudcrete will be mixed. The pre dredge hydrographic surveys were completed a few weeks ago and the survey report has been issued.  The necessary deck improvements to the wharf at Kingsford Quay East, in order for it to be able to accept the load of the equipment that will be working there has commenced. 

The former access road to Kingsford Quay East is part way through route alteration to accommodate the project site.  Significant works notices have been issued and it will also been closed to the public for the duration of the project. 

We expect dredging to commence in November, and it is scheduled for completion in March 2018

Kelly Leonard